Can’t make a session at your usual group? No problem, book a transfer!

Painting Flowers at Durham
Mexican Cooking Demonstration with tasters at Darlington

Sometimes you have holiday planned or life just gets in the way and you won’t be able to make one of our monthly meetings, but you can transfer to one of our other groups!

As we are growing as an organisation we now have 26 Groups to choose from if you can’t make your own session, to arrange a transfer simply look through the group locations on the Group page

Once you have chosen a group and date that works for you follow the link to book a transfer, it will be a box below the activities that’s labelled “Member Transfer – June (we only add the transfer options the month before).

Simply fill in your name & email and add in the group that you usually go to (your home group). This will ensure your name is on the attendee list or that group.

If you like to be organised and know you can’t make a date 3 /4 months in advance and know which group you’d like to transfer to, please just contact us and we can do this for you. We only add them to the website a month in advance so there’s not lots of options to make it confusing!

If you have any questions about member transfers please just get in touch with us

With so many fun activities we would hate for anyone to miss out!

We love to come up with fun and creative activity ideas, so everyone can try something new

Donna – Joint Founder