How do I become a member?

You can become a member at Pimm’s and Needles by joining one of our groups and paying for a 6-month period of membership fees which is £66

Some of our groups are very busy and currently full to capacity therefore we have set up a waiting list for these groups.

We renew membership every 6 months and usually find that some spaces become available and we are then able to offer these to ladies on the waiting list.

Once you have become a member at a group then your place is guaranteed for the next 6-month period should you wish to continue with your membership and you will be given a set amount of time to renew your membership. 

Please click here to become a member or join the waiting list.

What is included in my membership fee and do I have to pay anything else at the meetings?

Our membership fee is £81 for a 6 month period. For this you will be able to come along to 6 meetings and take part in whatever activity is planned for the meeting.

Usually all of the materials and equipment are included with the membership fee however on some occasions and depending on the nature of the activity we may ask you to bring along some materials to contribute towards your project, for example, a pair of scissors or rolling pin and apron. 

Where do the groups take place and at what time?

We have a number of different groups taking place around the north east. Most of them run on an evening from 7-9pm.

Find out more about the Group Meetings – venues, dates and times.

How do we communicate with each other and find out about the meetings?

When you become a member you will get automatic reminders about the meetings from the booking system.

We also use Facebook as a communication platform.

We have a main open facebook page where we post general information and also private group pages for each of our groups and one for all of our members.

The private members group is a lovely social tool and chat forum to discuss ideas and projects with other members.  Links to all of these pages can be found on our main Facebook page.

Can I come along to a meeting as a guest or try the group before joining?

One some occasions we find that our members are unable to attend a meeting or we have spaces at a group in which case we will offer a number of guest places for ladies who wish to come along to a one-off meeting.

Our groups are very popular so we would always recommend joining as a member if possible as this guarantees you a place for every single meeting and you won’t miss out.

To come as a guest please check the group pages, guest spaces are usually available the week before and prices start at £15 per session. Get in touch via Email.

If I can’t attend a meeting what happens?

If you can’t attend your home group meeting you are more than welcome to attend another group in that same month, simply book in to the group you would like to transfer to via the Group Meetings page.

Unfortunately we are unable to roll over sessions that are unused. 

Do you need to be a certain age to become a member and can I come alone?

Pimm’s and Needles is open to females aged 18 and above. We are very proud to say that we have a very diverse group of members in each and every one of our groups.

Our youngest member is 18 and our oldest is early 80’s. We’ve even had guests come along to meetings who are in their 90’s.

Some ladies come along with a group of friends, workmates or relatives but equally we do have lots of ladies who join alone and we always find that they soon make friends! 

Do you offer a flexible membership for new mums?

We have a lot of Yummy Mummy’s who join our groups and we understand that it is often difficult to attend a meeting if you have a new baby or are breast-feeding a new baby.

We can offer our members one 6-month period of flexible membership which means your place will be held and you’ll be on the register but you can pay as you go.

You will just need to pay £11 on the door fee for each meeting that you are able to attend. 

Do you need to help out at the meeting with anything?

We are able to offer all our members a very reasonable membership fee on a basis that some of our members help out each month.

We have a refreshments and setting up rota where we ask 4 members each month to arrive a little early to help set up the room for the activities and also to serve tea and coffee at the beginning of the meeting and during the break.

We also ask for any donations of home-baked or bought cake at the meetings and for some help clearing away.

We usually find that as the groups are quite large that each member will be on the rota once a year. Being on the rota will not stop you taking part in the activity and we find most of our members are more than happy to help out.