Being a member of one of our groups is a great way to meet new people in your local community and make new friends!

We welcome those who are coming along with friends, however often have lots of messages from people who are keen to join but will be attending on their own and are feeling a little bit nervous about it. At all of our groups we have a ‘Flying Solo’ table for anyone who is on their own for the first time. We find that it works really well and helps people make initial connections with other people who are also new or on their own. 

Over the years we’ve seen lots of small hobby & interest groups starting up as a result of friendships that were formed at our meetings. We’ve had book clubs, running groups, sewing bees as well as trips to cinemas, theatres and galleries. 

There are many opportunities to get involved in our elderly provision and offer some of your time helping as a volunteer at one of our ‘Silver Group’ meetings or with distribution of monthly activity packs. During the pandemic we have been able to support around 1600 elderly people in our region with care and activity packs. We have a lovely team of helpers who support us with this.

Our volunteers find it very humbling and rewarding to be involved in our projects and we are very grateful of their generosity. We are always happy to welcome new people to the Pimm’s and Needles family so please do get in touch if you would like to work with us on our community projects.

Our ladies are so creative and generous with their time, we never struggle to get them enthused about a project and they’re always keen to be involved

Charlotte Pyrah, Organiser