The group will meet virtually online monthly, the next date is:

  • Thursday 12th October from 7-9pm

How it will work

Each month we will send you a kit of a crafting activity, there will also be a link to a 2 hour Zoom session. You will Jon the zoom and take part in your craft project with our host at the same time as other likeminded ladies and chat while you craft! We hope to bring a Pimm’s & Needles group and the experience to you. wherever you are in the country or even the world! Zoom is a free to use platform and very easy for you to join, even if you’re not good with technology!

Why Join?

We are often approached by people that can’t make our physical groups due to childcare issues, living too far from one of our groups, illness or anxiety or any other number of reasons, but they would still like to have the benefits that our Pimm’s & Needles meetings bring, primarily bringing women together to natter and take part in a project!

Is it for you?

We would like people to join that are interested in the social aspect of becoming a Pimm’s & Needles virtual member, we sell crafting kits as stand alone projects for anyone that would like to do them at any time. The Virtual Group is to build an online community of women that would like to socialise and chat. Our groups are open to women of any age.

Our Host

The virtual sessions will be hosted by Noreen, there are more details about Noreen below but she is a warm and caring lady who has a background in holistic therapy, she will keep the conversation going and make sure everyone feels included. Don’t worry if you are shy, you won’t be put on the spot, we just want everyone to feel a valued member of our virtual group

The Plan

We have conducted online sessions during the pandemic, and they were very successful so hope these will be the same. Noreen will welcome everyone, there will be a tuition video or demonstration before everyone has a go together at the project. The first one is watercolour painting. There is a written step by step guide too with the kit. We will be also setting up a Facebook group where you can chat further through the month and show off your finished projects or ask for advice. We have some fab activities planned including making a mosaic, candle making, a Christmas Door wreath, Felted Christmas Decorations, Embroidery and Papercutting which are all sessions our physical groups have enjoyed.

Any questions, please drop us an email to, or register below

Membership Registration

Group Host: Kate Adamson