Meeting at Bedale Hall on the first Wednesday of the month from 7 pm – 9 pm

Our Meetings for the next few months 

3rd January – Felted Landscapes Workshop –Everytime we do any kind of wool felting our members are amazed by the fantastic results they can achieve during the session and many have taken felting up as a hobby afterwards. We think this felted landscape session with local felting artist Fiona Marston will be the same, we can’t wait to see what you all make!

7th February – Corded Rainbow Workshop – Working with the lovely Jess from Knot Worth the Tassle you will each be making a pretty corded rainbow keyring. This wrapping technique is very addictive as you can get some amazing results.

6th March – Fabric Flower Door Garland – We know that you’re going to love these fabric flower door garlands! We’ll take you through the sewing process, showing you how to make a range of different types of flowers using felt and fabric. Your garlands can also be accessorised with pompoms, recycled bit of old jewellery, interesting trimmings, buttons or faux flowers. We can’t wait to see what you create, no two garlands are ever the same! There is a lot to fit into the two-hour session, so you might like to pre-make some small pompoms or bring some additional things ahead of the workshop to add on and make your wreath look fuller on the night, alternatively you could finish it off at home.

3rd April – Zentangle We’re excited to have the Teesside Tangler joining us to inspire and teach us the art of Zentangle. Joanne the Teesside Tangler, has been sharing her love of Zentangle with us at other groups and it is one of the session’s that’s had everyone talking many members have even taken it up as a hobby! We always giggle at the thought of Amazon having a spike in sales after one of our session. Zentangle is a way to create beautiful images, similar to doodling, by drawing “tangles” using lines, dots, curves and orbs. Zentangle helps increase focus, creativity and self-confidence as well as being a super mindful activity, just don’t blame us if you get addicted!

1st May – Driftwood Houses – You may have seen the adorable wooden miniature houses that have been springing up in giftshops. We are going to be making our own little homes with with Lynne from Forget me not art. Lynne is a super forager, she brings a huge assortment of wood in many shapes and sizes along with fabric, card, rusty nails and pieces of metal that most people wouldn’t look twice at. Lynne knows that all of these items look fabulous with a little bit of paint when incorporated into the design of your mini house scene. Our groups that did this activity in the last block absolutely loved it!

5th June – Eco Session – We have had several requests over the years to offer a session on sustainability and how to be thriftier. We are very excited for you to meet Ruth, from Ecologico, who managed to not buy anything new for a whole year! Ruth will be inspiring you with her story and will also bringing along her shop van, where she sells environmentally friendly items for the home. In addition, you will be taking part in a clothes swish, this is where everyone brings up to 6 items of pre-loved clean clothes, shoes or accessories. You will be given a ticket for every item you bring along and these tickets can then be placed on your desired items. It’s a super fun way to swap clothes and a great way to try something new! We’re sure you will enjoy this thrifty themed session!

3rd July – Grease Sing Along – Ladies, you have been asking us for a singing session for quite some time and we are really excited to let you know that we have found Chris, from The Rise Up Project . Chris is passionate about creating a safe space for people to come and enjoy all the emotional and physical benefits of singing without fear or judgement, no matter what your vocal ability is. The themes of the session is going to be ‘Grease’ with a ‘Pink Lady’ dress code so dig out your pink t.shirts or you might even have a Sandra D outfit at the back of your wardrobe. We will also be fundraising with a tombola and raffle with the proceeds going to the ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’  charity as it’s an amazing cause that fits in with our pink evening perfectly. It’s going to be a fun session!

7th August – Frida Kahlo Portrait Painting Session – We’re huge Frida fans here at Pimm’s and Needles, not only of her art but as a person as she embraced her individuality and has become a role model of female determination and power. In this session you will be channelling your inner artist whist our tutor, Philppa from The Creation Station, will guide you through the portrait process using a lovely bright colour palette.

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Group Host: Dawn Culver

1. How long have you been a member of Pimm’s & Needles and why did you want to host a group? I joined after my daughter Caitlin when the Darlington group started because the Hurworth group was full with no signs of anyone ever leaving ? so she had me as a guest with her for a few sessions then I joined when the next block of membership opened. I wanted to host a group because I love hosting workshops and helping people to learn new skills and look forward to seeing this group grow and flourish in Bedale.
2. What do you like best about the groups? A great variety of things you often look at and think “I wonder if I could do that? ?” well these groups give you a chance to try, and to meet people and make new friends.
3. What do you generally dislike? I really dislike people dropping litter or leaving their dog poop ? laying around!
4. What would be your perfect day? Smashed avocados and poached eggs on sourdough toast, a walk along the coast to a nice quiet beach, a swim in the sea … all in Cornwall, and all with my lovely hubby Gary (though he would just be holding my towel he wouldn’t join me in the sea ?)
5. What sweet treat do you love? Drumstick Squashies or pink and blue bubble gum sour fizzy bottles if we are talking about sweets. If we are talking about dessert then Baked American Cheesecake (in New York!!)
6. Your favourite Pimm’s & Needles activity that you have done before? Always loved the Christmas Wreaths, anything to do with food, but my most recent favourite activity was the mosaic house numbers. 
7. Interesting or little known fact about you? I’ve lived an interesting life, travelling on an oil tanker to various ports around the world. Supplying contract leisure furniture to hotels and restaurants including all the furniture on a new Disney Cruise ship for which I have a very rare and exclusive Disney Imagineers (the people who create things at Disney) framed picture… as I said – an interesting life!